The Locker Project at Gluecon

By April 12, 2011Uncategorized

I’ve known Jeremie Miller for somewhere around a decade now, and the guy is *always* working on interesting stuff. Way back when I first got involved with Ping Identity, Ping’s founder, Andre Durand introduced me to this guy — Jer. It turns out that Jer had built this tiny little project called XMPP, and together they had built Jabber (yea, you might have heard of it).

Ten years later, Jer’s still attacking some of the most interested problems out there – namely, how to manage personal data. The result of those efforts is a protocol (telehash), an open source project (the locker project), a new company (Singly), and a whole truckload of API stuff.

The other day Jer asked me how technical he should get for gluecon. I told him there was no such thing as “too technical” at gluecon. He muttered something I didn’t understand about wire protocols and DHT maps – so we’ll see…

In any case, check out THIS agenda (hotness!), get your butt registered (early bird ends the 18th), and come to Gluecon to hang w/ Jer and learn about the Locker Project, telehash and Singly. Here’s the session description:

The Locker Project and Telehash

The Locker Project is a set of open source tools to help individuals collect their persona data from the myriad of places it is online, including social, browsing, transactions, health/fitness, media, and messaging. Building on this powerful collection of data is APIs enabling developers to create new kinds of applications and utilities easily, that combine and derive intelligence from and for individuals while remaining safe and secure within the data owners control. Get a walkthrough of starting your own locker from scratch, collecting and looking at your data from multiple sources, and even a developer overview of the APIs available and how TeleHash plays an important role.