The Gluecon Hackathon

By April 12, 2012glue conference

We’re putting a lot of focus this year into the hackathon at Gluecon. The reason is simple: we’re all about developers and developers hack. We’ll be running the hackathon smack dab in the middle of all of the action, and we’ve got some amazing companies participating (Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Pearson, Cloudspokes (Appirio), Mashery, Loggly).

Here’s how we’re structuring things: Prior to the event, I’ll be shooting out some ideas around the hackathon to get people’s brains spinning (note: you must be registered for gluecon to participate in the hackathon). At the end of Day 1 (May 23rd), after the evening reception, the hackathon will begin and run from 7:30 to ~Midnight (that night). The session will begin with some quick introductory remarks from participating companies about their APIs and then move right into hacking. The hacking will continue the next morning — but in a more informal way, as participants are free to hack away until Noon of day 2.

Once we receive submissions (noon of Day 2), the judges will sort through things and pick the top 3 entries. Those entries will receive glorious and lavish prizes (seriously, we’re lining up some really cool prizes – stay tuned on that).

So come, hack, build, win…start by grabbing your early bird registration (which ends on April 15th). (Please note: when you register for Gluecon, you’ll be asked if you’re participating in the hackathon.)