The Elastic Ensemble

By April 20, 2011Uncategorized

One of our keynoters this year is Mårten Mickos. Mårten, of course, was the CEO of MySQL AB, and is now the CEO of Eucalyptus Systems. More importantly, Mårten brings an incredibly unique perspective to the happenings, maturing and growth path of the Cloud ecosystem.

Here’s Mårten on his session — “The Stack is Dead”:

“In the software world, the first decade of this century was ruled by LAMP, the open stack. Is the stack dead now? With the advent of cloud computing, we are seeing software products coalesce in different ways. What runs on top of what is no longer the key question. Now it’s a question of running side by side, with elasticity both in scalability and in configuration. Common APIs serve as the glue between the components of what might be called the elastic ensemble.”

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