The Almost Final Agenda

By April 24, 2014Uncategorized

If you haven’t yet looked at the gluecon agenda recently, you can find several versions of it here (google docs, pdf, session descriptions, etc).

As I’m nearing finalizing the agenda, I wanted to point out a few of things:

1. On day 1, you’ll see several breakout tracks: APIs, Cloud, DevOps and Identity. These tracks are designed to be taken “as a whole” — which is to say, that my intent is that you would pick a track for the afternoon. Of course, you’re more than free to violate that, and bounce from track to track. But, for instance, in the Identity track, you’ll get exposed to a session on tokens, one on OneName (distributed identity via bitcoin’s block chain), several on SSO and OpenID, and one on mobile platforms and identity. Similarly, in the DevOps track, you’ll dig in on SaltStack, Ansible, using Go and AWS clusters, and Docker. And again, the same kind of pattern for APIs and Cloud. Each track has discussion time and led Q&A — where the sessions are meant to inspire discussions *across* the individual session topics.

2. Running parallel to the day 1 tracks, you’ll find 2 workshops. These workshops (one on Mesos, and one on ECL and HPCC) are 2 hours in length, and meant as extensive dives into a specific topic.

3. Day 2’s breakouts are grouped by themed tracks, per se, but you’ll still find broad groupings of topics — be they devops, APIs, platforms, SDKs, or analytics.

4. In all cases, you’ll find solo presentations that are meant to be technically advanced. In other words, come prepared.

5. Over the 2 days of Gluecon, you’ll find 78 sessions PACKED with content. No fluffy panels, just substance.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and really look through the agenda. If you’re a developer, I’m confident that doing so will make you want to attend.

And to do that, all you need to do is register. 😉