Student Passes for Gluecon

Every year, we try to do some student passes for Gluecon (free passes, that is). They always end up coming in the last 2 weeks (which I know is frustrating if you’re not local), but it’s really a function of “where” we get them from. You see, the student passes are essentially donated by our sponsors….which is to say that each sponsor gets allocated X number of passes (with their sponsorship), and if they choose not to use them all, we “donate” them to our student pass pool.

So, applying is easy: just email me (enorlin AT and tell me a bit about you — where you’re studying, why you’d like to come to gluecon, etc. Nothing big, just a quick “hey, hello!” If we haven’t run out of passes, I’ll shoot you a code to grab a free seat (you’ll just need to bring a valid student ID).

And that’s it. Email me!