Some things you may be missing about Glue

By April 14, 2009glue conference

We’re rounding the final turn (27 days until Glue), and I’m thinking there are some things that people may have missed (some undiscovered “gems,” as it were):

1. Pam Dingle’s session on the Organizational Exoskeleton: I’ve known Pam for several years, and she is a hacker’s hacker.  What you don’t readily get from her session title is that she’s going to demonstrate how to build an “organization without a perimeter” using Microsoft’s Geneva toolset, and then turn around and build the exact same thing using open source tools. How’s that for substantive?

2. George Reese’s session on Securing Cloud Infrastructure: You may not know George by name, but you’ll know him by his mastery of a subject soon enough. George is the founder of a Minneapolis-based startup (enStratus) in the cloud space, but he’s also the author of a new book on Cloud Computing for O’Reilly. You have questions, he has answers.

3. Jeff Lindsay on “web hooks”: Have you heard of web hooks yet? Either way, you’re going to want to understand this. Check out the web hooks wiki, and then come ready to dig in.

Okay, those are a few of the undiscovered gems. So, you’re coming, right? Now that we know that – a few things you should keep in mind:

1. The discounted hotel room rate is STILL AVAILABLE (only as long as there is space at the hotel), and includes in-room, wired internet access –  courtesy of us. Be sure to grab your room now.

2. There are a ton of discount codes flying around (email offers, twitter, etc). Please use those NOW, as no discount codes will be accepted on-site, and the price will go up to $595 (versus $395 with a discount code).

3. Lastly, the finalized agenda will be posted in the next few hours.

4. If you’re flying in, do your best to be at the hotel by 7pm on the 11th, as that’s when the pre-conference dinners will kick off (and you’ll wanna be in on those discussions).

Gluecon, baby! 😉