So, you’ve never been to Gluecon?

By April 16, 2014Uncategorized

Let’s say that somewhere on the twitterverse, you heard about this “gluecon” show, but you’ve never been. You’re curious, but on the fence. Let me see if I can help…with “why you’ll keep coming back to gluecon, after you’ve been”:

1. It’s run by 2 people: Gluecon is run by me and my wife, Kim. That’s it. No team of 10. No “event marketing director.” No “higher ups” that we answer to. The result is that you get personal service, the ultimate in accountability (problem? Tell me or Kim), and an attention to detail like no other.

2. We’re focused on content: While other conferences are all about parties, big name bands, and putting people on stage that are basically unrelated to anything of technical depth (“Silicon Valley,” anyone?), we’re focused on content. Check out the agenda (which will be finalized in the next 2 weeks). No panels, tons of solo presentations, spanning a range of topics that are important to developers. My mantra in curating the agenda is “code on the screen.” I use that as a guideline for hitting the right technical depth. Avoid the introductory sessions, and go deep, be useful, be engaging.

3. An inclusive and engaged community: We take no credit for this, but, for whatever reason, Gluecon’s community is just incredibly welcoming, inclusive, energetic and engaged. And I think it’s the main reason that past gluecon attendees just keep coming back year after year. One factor that I believe really helps is where Gluecon is located. We have the conference at the Omni Interlocken resort, which is a bit away from other things. As such, we tend to move in and take over the hotel common spaces (as a group). The lobby areas, the outdoor/pool areas, and the hotel bar (the taproom — great, local beers, btw) become natural gathering points. Interactions aren’t by “drive-by conference attendees” (you know, I’m doing this talk and then I’m going back to the office), but rather by people staying on site for 2-3 days. But hey, don’t take my word for it, please do ask around on twitter.

4. Attention to detail: Yea, I already mentioned this, but it’s worth repeating. Power strips on tables? Check. Unbeatable (fast) wifi? Check. Lunches that don’t suck (Colorado BBQ, and Mexican — with vegetarian options, naturally)? Check. Staff standing by to help fix any problem or assist with any difficulty? Check. Great Audio/Visual run by the same folks that did the Democratic National Convention? Check.

5. Pre-conference activities: Are you thinking you’d like a bit more than 2 days of presentations? We’ve got you covered. For the API enthusiasts, there’s the APIStrat Tech Un-Workshop. And if DevOps is your thing (or you want it to be your thing), there’s Camp DevOps. Either way, May 20th offers you a way to expand your experience into specific day-long, topically focused events.

Ok, enough marketing-speak. Ask around, and you’ll hear about Gluecon. Come join us, and I think you’ll keep coming back. I really hope we’ll see you there.