Node.js at Gluecon

By April 17, 2011Uncategorized

I’m OOO tomorrow, so I’m posting on a Sunday evening (coming to you from the fine city of Macon, GA). Even though I’ll be out, the session descriptions roll on. Here’s Charlie Robbins on Node.js:

Building Low-Latency, Real-time Apps with Node.js

“There is no denying that the real-time web has grown significantly over the last few years. The evented asynchronous programming model used in node.js is ideal for these scenarios, as well as ensuring a guaranteed response time for any incoming request. This talk will discuss the underlying technology behind node.js and useful programming patterns for building production-ready applications for various use cases.”

Now, personally, I have no idea what the hell an “evented asynchronous programming model” is – but hey – that’s why we throw Gluecon! Be sure to grab your early bird registration — the rates go up after Friday!