Gluecon’s non-CFP CFP…Kinda

Right around this time of year, I always get inundated with questions regarding Gluecon’s CFP (call for papers) or speaker submission process (those normally come from PR agencies). I realize we’re not quite as transparent as we should be on this, so I thought I’d kick off Gluecon planning with a post on the what, how, why, etc.

1. “What’s the deadline for submission?” We have no hard deadline. I work on the agenda up until about 3 weeks out, and we fill as we fill. So, the answer to the question, “Is it too late?” is nearly always, “no.”

2. Like all well-intentioned tech conference organizers, we’re looking for greater diversity from under-represented groups in technology on stage. We had some simply *awesome* presentations from female developers last year (including some “first time on stage” presenters), and I’m hoping to get a flood of  submissions from under-represented groups in tech. Even if you’ve never spoken before and would like to, think about submitting. Gluecon is a very welcoming community, and we work hard to be up-front about what we expect (conduct wise) from our community/attendees.

3. So what are we looking for? Gluecon’s goal is to be the most technical, developer-focused tech conference on the planet. Period. We want *depth*. This isn’t to say that we don’t want “introductory” topics. If there’s a new language, or technology that needs “introducing,” we want to see it. It is to say that our attendee-base tends to be EXTREMELY technical, and what makes them the happiest is “code on the screen” or building things in session. As an example: Adrian Cockcroft did a nearly 6 hour session that walked through Netflix’s architecture step-by-step, and it was standing room only….for the entire time.

4. You can always find the latest agenda here.

I hope this helps. There are speaker submission forms on the website. I’m @defrag on twitter. And you can always reach me at enorlin AT