Early Bird and APIs

By April 2, 2014Uncategorized

Gluecon’s early bird pricing is ending Friday, April 4th, so be sure to grab your seat today! Now, I could roll out the marketing-speak about the networking, the wifi, the bag schwag, etc….but it occurred to me, since Gluecon is all for developers, that maybe I’d talk about some of the cool content instead.

Back in 2007, no one talked about APIs (or almost no one). Until Mashery started doing so. In 2008, Gluecon started talking about APIs in a conference setting (I’m willing to bet that we were one of the first tech conferences to really feature it as a content set). But now, the API discussion is at a roar.

This year, as with every Gluecon, we’ll be presenting a depth of content around APIs that you just cannot find elsewhere. Confirmed sessions include:

“API First: Designing your Product from the Platform Out”

“Why Your Next API Should Be Designed By A Linguist”

“Exploring approaches for maliciously hacking APIs…and how to prevent them”

“How To Secure Your REST API The Right Way”

“10 Reasons Why Developers Hate Your API (and what to do about it)”

“Introducing Forte! A next generation API gateway built on Node.js”

“API design in the enterprise”

…and I’ve got at least 3 more (so far) that are unannounced.

Combine the API content, with the DevOps content (which I previously wrote about here), and the Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, and just good ole developer content, and I think you’ll see that there’s *nowhere* that you can go and get this much content in a 2 day span.

I hope you’ll grab an early bird seat for Gluecon!