DevOps at Gluecon

By March 19, 2014Uncategorized

When we started Gluecon, over six years ago, we first talked about gluecon as being about “the technologies that glue together web infrastructure.” That first year, Gluecon had your typical “technical track” and “business track.” But something strange happened, the majority of people that showed up were engineers — specifically, engineers working in the cloud and on APIs (which no one in conference-land was talking about yet). They all told me the same thing: go technical. Drop the business track, screw the introductory sessions, and go deep — technically deep.

By year 2 of Glueccon, we were firmly focused on cloud computing, APIs and various developer-oriented technologies (like NoSQL stuff). And, holy crap, did people show up. As it turns out, there was a huge hunger out there for technically deep, developer-oriented sessions. So, I asked the attendees how we did on the technical depth — and the response was near unanimous: go deeper; get more technical.

The past couple of years have seen me operate under the mantra, “code on the screen,” when I’m working on the agenda…which is to say, we look for sessions that build and deploy IN the session. And it’s because of that hands-on nature of gluecon that DevOps has really been a part of the agenda since very early on. Granted, I wasn’t smart enough to realize it as a separate thing and call it out specifically, but it’s been there.

Last year, we saw Solomon Hykes make one of the first public presentations about Docker at Gluecon — and the response sealed it for me: DevOps needed to be called out at gluecon as its own “thing” — because the developers were *clearly* demanding it.

This year’s agenda is loaded with DevOps: from keynotes around Docker (from Solomon Hykes) and the Parallel Universes of DevOps and Cloud Developers (from Donnie Berkholz), to DevOps topics like Ansible, SaltStack, Salter and Go, AWS provisioning, Google containers, and mobile DevOps.

Throw in a TON of cloud, APIs, mobile, development languages/platforms, and big data sessions — and I think we’re hitting the “go technically deep” vibe the way I’ve envisioned it.  In fact, after last year’s Gluecon, I asked the engineers/devlopers what they thought of the technical depth of sessions….and finally got the response I was looking for: “I was working to keep up, and learned a ton.”

Amen and hallelujah.

Early Bird pricing for gluecon ends April 4th. I hope you’ll choose to join us!