After the initial two rounds of work, I’ve now got a beginning of the Gluecon agenda.

First, let me highlight the confirmed keynoters:

  • Dr. KellyAnn FitzPatrick, Redmonk
  • Tim Wagner, Coinbase
  • Leah McGowan-Hare, Salesforce
  • Dormain Drewitz, Pivotal

Second, I’d note that you asked for it, and we’re working on it: namely, an in-depth keynote on Quantum Computing.

Lastly, I’d like the point to a few of the breakout sessions and workshops that are now confirmed:

  • “Why is Istio That Shape?” — Matt Turner, Tetrate
  • “Developing Secure Software in 2023” — Cindy Blake, Gitlab
  • “How & Why to Use PostgresSQL For Your Prometheus Metrics” — Diana Hsieh, Timescale
  • “Monoliths to Microservices: Leveraging gRPC and Kubernetes” — Justin Sweeney, Zoominfo
  • “Escaping the Microservices Dependency Hell” — Joyce Lin, Postman
  • “The Need for a Composition Layer as Part of Your API Strategy” — Tina Huang, Transposit
  • “Machine Learning at the Edge with AWS DeepLens” -Shelbee Eigenbrode & Randy DeFauw, AWS
  • “Chaos is Order (or How to Create Systems You Can Trust)” — Lorinda Brandon, CapitalOne

…and many others (with many, many more to follow)!

Reminder: the Gluecon “CFP-ish” doesn’t close until we’re ~45 days out. Submit away.

See you at Gluecon!