Yahoo knows a good thing when they see it

Yahoo!, knowing a good thing when they see it, has decided to name their new offering after the Glue conference. 😉

I kid, of course, but only slightly.

Yahoo’s “Glue pages” does touch on the underpinning of the idea behind the Glue conference – namely, that once the web becomes the platform (check), the next major task is to integrate all of the web architecture we’ve built — including search results. Accordingly, Glue pages:

…will leverage the Yahoo application platform…in coming months,” Kelly said, though today it doesn’t yet. “We will eventually open it up, so developers could develop customized search results for Glue Pages the way we’re doing it for Search Monkey.”

Turning search into a platform is a good idea. Giving people a means to “glue” that together with whatever they want is an even better idea – and it cuts through the “closed” nature of so much of today’s web-oriented architecture.

Between Microsoft’s Live Mesh and Yahoo!’s Glue pages, we’ve now got two of the “big boys” (who were almost one) acknowledging what we’re all about over here. And that’s a good thing.