It seems that everywhere we look these days (the stock market, housing, the economy at large), things are rapidly spinning out of control and careening toward chaos.

Why, then, am I sitting here on a Friday early morning smiling?

Because I know that we’ll come out the other side of this, and we’ll do so innovating. Howard Lindzon’s “too small to fail” phrase rings in my head (like some demented entrepreneurial battle-cry), and my gut just tells me — in the midst of all of this macro-chaos, there are engineers with their heads down, building something really amazing.

We’re gathering a bunch of those folks together in May. So, while CNBC, CNN and every other news outlet drowns you in the constant din of “apocalypticism”, some of us are quietly going back to work. We won’t ask permission. We won’t wait for government funds. We certainly don’t depend on “the major players” in the tech ecosystem. And we could really care less about 2.0 anything.

We do what humans do. We build. We create. We band together and separate apart and get back together in different re-combinations — all because we’re building something. We’re acting, not sitting. Moving, not standing still.

There’s a calm quiet and a sense of joy and playfulness to it all. A little smirk on our faces. A swiftness to our step. You’ll know us by our optimism. And in a few years, we’ll probably having something really amazing to show you.

I hope you’ll choose to join us.