Conferences don’t invent topical categories. Gluecon didn’t invent “cloud computing.” However, a *good* conference can learn to be a future-looking reflection (if that makes any sense), if it can figure out who to listen to about what the future looks like. And *who* you listen to is always some sub-set of the “attendees” (we call them “participants”).

For whatever reason, we’ve had really good luck in finding the right people to listen to at Gluecon. Five years ago, we began talking about cloud computing and APIs — specifically, how APIs were important to Cloud Computing. At that point in time, outside of a handful of really smart developers/engineers, APIs and the Cloud just weren’t a topic being covered by tech conferences.

Covering APIs and the Cloud led us to enterprise developers, which led us to mobile, which led us to big data, which will lead us to… – the point is that by focusing on the developer, we can manage to ride the very early edge of the wave that is sweeping through the enterprise.

Ben Kepes has an excellent piece out this morning about how the Dell acquisitions (Boomi, EnStratius, etc) are reflective of their changing strategy. And it highlights just how white HOT the cloud/API space (where those two topics meet) is right now: Mashery (acquired by Intel), Layer7 (acquired by CA), Programmable Web (acquired a second time, by MuleSoft), and now EnStratius — acquired by Dell (which previously acquired other cloud companies, like Boomi).

In every single case, the company that’s been acquired has been a long-time Gluecon sponsor/supporter.

So, if you want to ride the edge of the wave, and get a glimpse of just who might be next on the acquisition block — Gluecon. Join us!