Wanted: Gluecon Topics

By February 13, 2012glue conference

I’ve been working away on the first draft of the Gluecon agenda (which should be posted here within a matter of minutes). As such, I’ve got a couple of notes to relay:

1. It’s a first draft, and a LOT will change in the next month or so. Basically, anytime that you see a session title without a name attached to it, that’s my “research placeholder” – where I’m reminding myself to dig into a topic more.

2. The agenda is a collaborative process – on several fronts. I have several trusted “advisor types” that I send the agenda out to in order to get a read on technical depth, topics I’m missing, etc. I then ask other technical folks that I know to send me reading materials. I’d love for you to do the same thing. If there’s a topic that is cutting edge/technical that you’d like to learn more about – please send it my way (notice: if it’s something you want to learn about you’ll always get my attention more than if it’s something you want to present about).

3. That said, there are four broad areas where I’m actively looking for proposals. What I don’t want are repackaged proposals of talks that you’ve given elsewhere – this should be fresh content. What I do want are proposals that are sufficiently technical and deep that they are necessarily a) limited in scope (they accomplish or “build” a discrete thing in one 30-45minute block) and b) grounded in praxis not theory (*do* something in your session). Take us out into an area that’s not sufficiently understood yet, and *show* us how to use a technology to do something in a better way. Do not send me anything about the “business case for big data/cloud/mobile/APIs” -gluecon attendees are engineers.

4. The four broad topic areas are: Hadoop (specifically, sessions that do concrete things involving Pig, Hive, Zookeeper, MapReduce and HDFS), Mobile app development (TONS of space for suggestions here; stay technical), APIs (I’ve got a lot of documentation and monetization stuff; I want technical API sessions), and Node.js (specifically around how Node.js is changing the way developers interact with, architect and code around the concept of middleware).

Shoot ideas to enorlin AT mac.com. Normally, a session title and paragraph is enough. If I have questions, I’ll be in touch. And look for the next big agenda update to come next week….

Oh, and be sure to register for gluecon. 😉