The things you can learn at Glue

By March 10, 2009glue conference

I’ve been working on an agenda update, and in doing so, I found myself re-discovering all of the things that I can learn about a Glue. Here’s a partial list:

How Facebook is opening up their platform
Why REST is the foundation for web oriented architecture
Where identity is heading, and why it has to NOT be about identity
What SAML is
How OpenID and OAuth are changing the way you build out services on the web
Where I can implement data portability
How I can begin thinking about integration in a post-cloud world
How I can secure cloud infrastructure
Why I should be thinking about web apps in terms of complex event processing
How I can build a perimeter-less organization using Microsoft’s Geneva beta
How I can do the same thing using open source tools
What the role of XMPP is when you’re building out web apps
Why I need to think about relational databases and the cloud
What I can use to glue together data across apps and networks
What “webhooks” are and why that matters
How to manage and leverage my API
How to build a “context aware” service
Why I’d want to use edge-side includes
How I can use XRDS
Where I can go to start “gluing together” devices with my data
Why I should alter my big picture thinking about innovation

    And that’s just a start. Now, is it just me, or…wow? Don’t just sit there, come DO SOMETHING.