The NoSQL Sessions at Gluecon

By February 28, 2010Uncategorized

I was emailing with Brad this morning about some of the NoSQL stuff that we’re doing at Gluecon, and it made me think that a quick blog update might be useful.

I currently have five sessions “on the board” around NoSQL:

1. An Overview session (“NoSQL – channeling the data explosion”) given by Dwight Merriman.

2. A session that digs into specific examples of NoSQL (Riak, Hbase, CouchDB, Neo4j).

3. A session that provides a deep technical dive into MongoDB.

4. A session that provides a deep dive into Cassandra (which Twitter just announced they’re adopting).

5. A session that talks about the “Apache Cloud Stack” (Hadoop, Hbase, Zookeeper, etc).

(note: not all of these sessions are listed yet, so if you don’t see them online – fear not.)

In addition, I’m looking at adding another 1-2 sessions that provide hands-on examples of how to build things out in NoSQL land (ie, examining metrics around horizontal scalability, etc).

So, while Gluecon isn’t soley devoted to NoSQL, it is clearly one of the main themes (hat tip to Ross Bates for urging me to dig into this one).

If you’re building anything that requires horizontal scalability (internet scale), you owe it to yourself to get up to speed on NoSQL (and quick). And we’re gonna help you do that at Gluecon (in addition to digging into identity protocols, linked data, APIs, cloud security and architecture, and so much more). I hope you’ll join us.