The “Inclusion is the Glue” Diversity Scholarship

By March 30, 2016HOME, Uncategorized

We’ve been working on increasing diversity (and diversity scholarships) for several years now. Along the way, we’ve learned a bunch, and had what I thought was some limited success, but there’s always that desire to do more. Over the course of these past few years, Salesforce has consistently stepped up and been a major supporter of these efforts. In particular, Adam Seligman, Mary Scotton and Nick Tran have been over-the-top great with their support, suggestions, and sharing of lessons learned.

So, it is with gratitude and thanks that I’m pleased to announce Gluecon’s “Inclusion is the Glue” diversity scholarships for this year — with Salesforce as our foundational sponsor of these efforts (and big thanks again to Adam, Mary and Nick). The scholarships will work much as it has in the past (we’re just able to do more of it): It is open to women, minorities, or any other underrepresented group in tech, and covers admission to the conference (and all of its sessions, meals), but not travel expenses or hotel expenses.

Our goal is quite simple: to create as diverse and welcoming a conference environment that we can.

If you’d like to apply for one of the scholarships, send me an email (enorlin AT with the following:

  1. a quick biography (tell us about yourself)
  2. a short paragraph explaining why you’d like to attend, and how you feel you’ll contribute to gluecon

We’re not setting a “deadline” for applications, but rather looking to give as many of these scholarship away as we can (more on that in a bit), while giving folks the maximum amount of time to plan. All of which is to say, that you should not delay in shooting me an email. 😉

One last bit on this front: Mary Scotton will be delivering a keynote on diversity as we open gluecon (and leading further discussions), and as a preparation for the event, you can find our Code of Conduct here.

Lastly, we’re not done of this front. Salesforce is our foundational sponsor for these diversity scholarships, but we’d love to have other companies join in (by sponsoring passes to gluecon). If you’re a vendor that’s interested in helping to foster a more diverse environment at gluecon, please be in touch (enorlin AT