The First Draft

By January 25, 2016Uncategorized

Over here at gluecon, we do things a bit differently when it comes to constructing the agenda. Much to the dismay of PR firms everywhere, I don’t do a “CFP” with a hard date for submission and a hard date when the accepted papers are announced. I don’t do this for one primary reason: a process like that completely ignores the dynamic nature of developers and technology, and locks an agenda in place months in advance. Put another way, what if something earth-shattering happens 32 days out from gluecon? I’d like the flexibility to add that to the agenda without forcing people to begin attending breakouts at 7:30am.

As such, I do “rolling” agenda updates. Roughly every two weeks, I go into my submissions folder (having absorbed recent developments), and place another 10-15% of the agenda. My aim is to finalize the agenda at 30 days out from the start of gluecon.

And so, with great fanfare, I give you the (somewhat bares bones) first draft of the gluecon agenda. Keep an eye on that google docs link, as it will always be the most current published version, and will update as the rolling placement continues.

We’ve got some great early pieces in place: Melody Meckfessel (Senior Director of Engineering, Google), Lisa White (Twitter), Adrian Cole (on distributed tracing and zipkin), Brendan Burns (on Kubernetes), Edith Harbaugh (LaunchDarkly), Joe Beda (on microservices) and John Musser (on API Ops as the next frontier for DevOps).

Have an early look, and grab your seat for Gluecon!