The Dynamic Points in the Cloud

By March 2, 2010Uncategorized

I continue to work on Gluecon’s agenda (I’ll work on getting a new version up this week), and as I do, I always keep a glance reserved for “what the other guys are doing” (what’s going on at the RSA Security Conference, for example). And you know what’s becoming obvious? The “heat” in this space lies at the point of intersection. In other words, it isn’t “ooh I can store something in the cloud” that’s important, it’s when that thing you’re doing in the cloud has to move, or touch something else, or interoperate, or send/receive API calls — the point of intersection; the act of interaction — that is where all of the meaty, fun, gnarly stuff lies.

Take, for example, the Cloud Security Alliance’s announcement about a “Trusted Cloud Initiative,” that’s all about intersecting and interacting. Or the work going on over in the Cloud Audit group, same thing. Or the work going on around activity streams, OAuth, webfinger, or the Twitter streaming API — all about the point of interest being the point of intersection and interaction. Call it the dynamic points in the cloud. These aren’t static clouds, or simple storage clouds, or web apps that interact with nothing in the cloud.

In fact, it’s not the “cloud” per se that’s interesting. It’s the things interacting in or via the cloud. It’s the layer of web infrastructure that “glues” all of this stuff together. 😉

Yea, I’m talking my own book now, but c’mon! Don’t settle for the static cloud, when you could dig in, build, learn and educate at Gluecon. I hope you’ll join us.