For some reason, a link caught my eye this morning that highlighted all of the homes you can buy in Detroit for $1,000.00 (or under). Yep, you read that correctly – a grand for a house. At first I thought, “they must be shacks.” I was wrong. They’re brick houses. For a grand. WHAT?!?!

Set aside what neighborhood they’re in, or the fact that, well, Detroit probably isn’t on most people’s “must live there” list. My brain immediately jumped to – “one house! why don’t I buy 10 houses!?!” And then, “wait, do you think I can buy 10 houses right next to each other and own a whole block?” Pretty soon, I had a little twitter conversation going, and ideas were flying around about getting a group of 10-15 people together and purchasing a huge portion of Detroit (like a 12 square block area). Next, I was thinking that if I was the CEO of Tesla Motors, I’d move my whole operation to Detroit, and give every Sr. manager a “10-home” bonus. I mean, seriously, could you “innovate” a whole city just by buying insanely cheap real estate, bringing people with you and starting something cool? If you and 10 other people owned 12 square blocks, what kind of weird wifi networking experiments could you set up? Could you automate your 12 blocks via twitter? Think of the possibilities! Think of the sheer potential!

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Glue. I’m glad you asked. Often, in the midst of times like these, we stumble upon what looks like some interesting tidbit. And sometimes, that “tidbit” turns out to be a diamond in the rough. And every now and then, you wake up 5 years from now wondering how you stumbled into such amazing innovation — and it turns out it came from that tidbit.

The point is that while the world is going through it’s current collective convulsions, there is still plenty of room for innovation and moving the “glue space” forward. We’re going to do just that. Some ideas will be radical. Some crazy. Some brilliant. But there are going to be plenty of them. Make sure you don’t miss out on that little tidbit that could end up changing your entire life. Register today.