Super Early Bird Ends Today

By March 18, 2011Uncategorized

“Super Early Bird” pricing is ending today. You should know, I wanted to name this pricing level “The Worm” (as in “the early bird gets the…”), but I was vetoed by my wife, Kim. So, “super early bird” it is. In any case, it gets no cheaper than today. And if you use the super top secret, “alcatel-lucent rocks” discount code (“alu12”), you can take an additional 10% off of the list price.

Your registration includes workshops on the 24th (space is limited), 2 full days of great content, continental breakfasts, lunches, open bars, hackathons, seriously good wifi, power-strips at tables, and a staff that aims to please.

The latest agenda version is out. The conference is starting to come together, and if you’re developing in the cloud or with APIs (building, or just hooking up to them); if you’re concerned about NoSQL or scaling your business in the cloud; if you’re looking for a show that has the level of technical content you crave and the intimacy and depth of interaction that makes for a special few days, then you really should join us. Register Today!