Some thoughts on value

By March 24, 2009glue conference

I confess, I’ve never set out to be “the low cost leader” of conference producers. My personal sweet spot has always been higher-end events that, frankly, cost more to produce (and therefore cost more to attend). But when I first began to envision Glue, I knew it needed to be something different. Not that Glue wouldn’t have all of the “infrastructure” things a good conference needs (wifi, food, A/V), but rather, that we were gonna cut some “frills” and bring the price tag down.

My reason for thinking this was simple: I want code junkies, alpha geeks, startup guys to come to Glue. I also want the enterprise developer with no travel budget to be able to afford it. So, I knew (especially because I’m not an idiot, and knew some rough economic times were ahead) I had to get things into a price range that made “sense.”

Next step: what makes “sense?” Here’s what I came to — if I’m traveling to Glue, I’m figuring I can “do Gluecon” for about $1200. That’s all-in — airfare, hotel, registration and miscellaneous costs [airfare: ~$300; hotel: ~$400; glue registration: ~400 and $100 for cabs, etc]. And by “all-in,” I mean all-in. If you sign up for a pre-conference dinner, your food the night before the conference starts is paid for, then your meals are covered through day 1 and 2 (with the exception of dinner day 1), then you’re out. Okay – maybe if you have an extra beer or two with dinner, it’s $1300 not $1200 — but still…

Then I compared the “Glue value” to –oh, let’s say a large IT expo that has a cloud computing focus. What’s it cost to walk in the door (minimum)? $1590. That’s no airfare, no hotel, no anything — $1590.

Do I mean it when I say that Glue is the best tech conference “value” out there this spring? Hell yes.

(Oh by the way, if you’re in the Denver-Boulder, then the numbers are even better — obviously.)

So, back to my original point: Was my intent with Glue to be the “low cost leader?” Absolutely not. My intent with Glue was to put on an amazing event with a great agenda and wonderful people. And I think it will be that. The fact that you can “do glue” for the price you can do it for should make it a slam dunk decision for folks.

And so far, that seems to be true — as people keep on registering to come to Glue. I hope you’ll join us.

P.S. If you’re looking to get the registration price down to $400, just follow me on twitter and you’ll see codes fly by.