Some Pre-Gluecon Notes

I’ve got a few things to throw in the mix pre-gluecon, so here goes:

1. I hate that I even have to say this in this day and age, but apparently, I do: Gluecon is an inclusive and welcoming community. That means that inappropriate or discriminatory remarks or actions are not acceptable at Gluecon (race, gender, sexual preference, religious belief, etc). We welcome all. Period. Act Appropriately. If something does happen within the confines of the conference, please find me or another staff member, so that we may take appropriate action.

2. Reminder: Gluecon is NOT an expo floor, and we do not offer any “free expo pass” equivalent to the conference. Every conference pass includes access to all meals, the evening reception, all sessions, the hackathon, etc. Every year, we get some folks wanting to “just walk the exhibit floor” — and there’s no such thing at Gluecon. The exhibitors are integrated into the meeting and food spaces, and as such ALL people that want to be on-site at Gluecon must be registered. (Good news: there’s still time to do that!)

3. And regarding the hackathon….it’ll take place on May 21st (from 5-9pm) and May 22nd (from 8-Midnight) — with prizes to be awarded on the 23rd. What prizes, you ask? Things like Nexmo and Twilio API credits, 2 iPad minis, an 8-bit NES and games, a Sega Genesis system and games, 2 Nexus 4 phones, a “Wayne’s World” theme pack, free passes to gluecon and defrag, and more! I hope you’ll join in on the fun. [Update: GM is bringing a pile of cash – literally – as a prize.]

4. Every now and then, I get questions about the show’s dress code. Let me put it this way: I’ll be in jeans and a button down shirt (and flip flops), and I’m on the keynote stage all day long. Come prepared to learn and interact…ie, be comfortable and ready to dig in.

5. “What about wifi and power?” Yes and yes. We’ll have great wifi (as per usual), and power strips on the tables.

6. Lastly, Gluecon is run by myself and my wife, Kim. As such, we pride ourselves on personal service. We want each and every one of you to leave Gluecon saying and thinking, “that may just be the single best tech conference that I’ve ever attended.” If something isn’t going right on-site, please let us know (conversely, if something is going right, we love hearing that too!).