So, you missed early bird…

By April 5, 2010Uncategorized

So, you missed the early bird pricing expiration for Gluecon. And now, it’s Monday, your iPad buzz has worn off, and you’re kicking yourself. Fear not! I may have just the program for you.

First off, everyone can still enjoy a 10% discount off of the full priced registration. Simply use the discount code “twit2” to receive the discount (and drop the price to $625.50 — or only 100 bucks more than early bird). But don’t delay on this one – who knows when that goody will go away.

But let’s say that’s still not enough. Here’s what you do:

I’m running a program for the first 20 people that sign up. Once you sign up, I’ll give you a personalized discount code. You can distribute this code (which will take 10% off just like “twit2” does) *anywhere* you want (twitter, blogs, billboards, radio ads – wherever). Every time someone registers using your code, I’ll give you another 10% off of your Gluecon ticket price (in addition to the 10% everyone gets by using “twit2”). So, for example, drive in 2 registrations via your code, and you’re basically getting the early bird price.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “if I drive in enough registrations, can I get in for free?” It’s even better than that. If you drive in seven registrations via your code, you get a free pass.

So, there you go — use “twit2” to take an immediate 10% off of your gluecon registration, or if you’re feeling a bit more motivated, contact me (enorlin AT to sign up for your personalized discount code and go to work getting into Glue for free.

[sidenote: yes, I have blatantly ripped this idea off from the folks over at Web 2.0 Expo.]