Running on full

By February 24, 2009glue conference

As I work through the Glue agenda, I’m finding myself in a position of having WAY too much to cover and not enough room. I don’t mean that in a “i’ve got to cram my sponsor’s product pitches onto the agenda” sense; I mean it in a “there is just too much to cover — purely topically” sense.

Here’s what I’m looking at (both on the agenda and floating around in my head):

1. This whole area of app development frameworks/environments. I mean everything from Azure to Google App Engine to Tweetapp (a framework for developing twitter apps *on* Google app engine) to Morph Labs to you name it.

2. App hosting, measuring, reporting, governance, etc . Here I mean everything from cloud hosting to things like Engine Yard’s vertebra stuff (hey – engine yard – call me back!), to Appistry’s stuff to the myriad other cloud offerings out there (SOASTA, New Relic, etc) — and, by the way, there is virtually NO overlap in offerings.

3. The whole API – REST universe. And, man, is this one big! From leveraging API infrastructure (best buy) to the shifting landscape of SOA to WOA (and REST) to aggregating and standardizing APIs – yikes.

4. Data Portability/Continuity. Coghead anyone? There are *serious* interop issues in the Glue universe that aren’t so much about interop-in (interacting) as interop-out (getting your stuff if something dies).

5. Virtualization, Context, Identity, Social Data — the list seems endless.

6. Did I mention things like webhooks, cloud databases, or evolving client-server models?

When I start a new conference, it’s always nice to have a big, chunky problem-set, so that you know you’ll have something with legs to run. The trick is to put fences down very carefully (if at all) early on.

Glue’s problem-set revolves around the massive shift happening as all of our applications move to the web as platform — and I guess I’ve reached the point where I’m seeing just how BIG big is.

The truth is, I’ve got enough content to go “5-wide” (5 concurrent sessions at a time). That won’t happen this year, so some things won’t make the cut. But for Glue 2010- watch out.

Hey look – I know it’s tough out there, and I know the vibe in a lot of places is emphasizing the complete lack of innovation. But if you dig in to what developers are actually working on right now, the innovation is off the charts. Don’t sit on your hands at home; don’t let ’em get ya down; come join us.