No, really – early bird’s expiring

By March 30, 2010Uncategorized

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you might’ve heard that Gluecon’s early bird pricing is expiring this Friday, April 2nd. 😉

Now, I know there are a lot of games that get played around conference registration prices. Event producers have been known to take 40, 50, 70% off of a full priced registration after their “early bird” passes, or they extend early bird for another 3 weeks after the date passes, or or or — which is to say, they try to use “early bird pricing” as an artificial force function to close a sale. And because it’s “artificial,” they end up doing all kinds of post-early bird tricks that make early bird pricing almost irrelevant.

In that context, I wanted to be perfectly clear: early bird pricing for Glue is expiring this Friday. After this Friday, it doesn’t matter if you’re close personal friends with my mother, you will not be able to get early bird pricing. In fact, after this Friday, the price for gluecon will go up. We won’t be extending early bird, or offering discounts that bring the full price registration back down to early bird prices, or any other hinky conference organizer tricks. In other words, I really mean it – this is your last, best chance to attend gluecon for a great price.

Now, lest you think that I’m just being a hard ass for no reason, let me explain why. The simple fact of our business is that we have to order a tremendous number of services to bring together a conference experience (wifi, food, beverages, bags, inserts, tshirts, etc), and some of those services go up in price the closer we get to the event. Early bird pricing, then, really does serve as an incentive to get people registered early — because by getting folks registered now, we can actually keep our “cost per attendee” down.

It’s really that simple: better for us as a business, and better for you as someone purchasing from our business.

So, don’t delay (and do NOT come asking for early bird pricing next monday), register today! 😉