Need a roomie? How about a free meal?

Things are definitely picking up in pace around here, as I watch the weekend slip away into endless details and headed to Denver for Glue.

2 things of note this morning:

1. If you need a roomie, I’ve got a moderator (male) who’s looking to split the hotel room cost. Email me ( and I’ll get the two of you connected.

2. If you need a free meal, I’ve got your hook-up there as well. We’ve still got a few spots left for the Microsoft-sponsored “Re-imagining IT in 2015” – hosted by Dave Drach of Microsoft Startup Zone. Great conversation, cool people and a free meal the night before Gluecon beings. Just register and shoot me an email saying you’re in, and you’re in.

Meanwhile, my insomnia has kicked in (I always get insomnia before a conference), and my brain seems to be on this continual playback loop of “more human than human” by White Zombie. Oh well.  See you at Gluecon. 😉