Want a free pass to Gluecon?

So, you’re looking at the Gluecon agenda, and you’re seeing sessions like:

“The Economic in-feasibility of on-premise development and testing”

“Building REST Data Services with MongoDB and Node.js”

“Cortex: Creating a joyful API experience with HATEOAS”

“Dark Architecture and How to Forklift Upgrade Your Infrastructure with Zero Downtime”

“Start small and go big: getting the most from Google Compute Engine”

“Mobilize Your MongoDB! Developing iPhone and Android Apps in the Cloud”

…and *dozens* of other in-depth, technical sessions that you know you can’t find elsewhere. And, the whole time, you’re thinking, “man, if I could just convince my boss/find the money/have that one last reason I need to go to gluecon…”

Well, how about this:

Check out Ravello Systems to grab 1 of 4 free passes, or SAP to grab a free pass….but, hurry, these won’t be around long!

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