Morning 1 of Gluecon

By March 26, 2009glue conference

I was just looking at the agenda for morning 1 of Glue, and check this out — between 8:45 and 12:30, here’s what we’ll be covering:

We’ll begin by talking about Google Apps and their relation to the Glue universe (still confirming the exact speaker on this); then we hear from Josh Elman of Facebook’s platform group about how they’re opening up in this space; next up is the topic of “web oriented architecture” (via Aaron Fulkerson); then Peter Coffee, director of platform research at on Platforms as a service; then we dive into internet identity with Andre Durand (of Ping Identity); then into data portability in a web app world (Eric Marcoullier of Gnip); and finally we end with an hour of open space/unconference time for everyone to discuss and digest the content gauntlet we’ve collectively just ran. All of this – before lunch!

Google apps, Facebook platforms, WOA,, internet identity and data portability — in 3 hrs flat! Yea, it’s gonna be a brain-blower…

…and we haven’t even gotten to the afternoon of day 1.

This is gonna rock (if I do say so myself). 😉