Michael Stonebraker to Keynote Gluecon

By March 27, 2010Uncategorized

I told we still had some tricks up our sleeve. 😉

I’m very very pleased to announce that Michael Stonebraker, creator of Ingres, Postgres and countless other relational database innovations, has signed on to deliver a keynote at Gluecon.

I was poking around Mike’s bio a bit this morning, and found this great quote on the IEEE site:

“Virtually all business computing applications – from accounting, inventory and shipping to point- of-sale, online commerce, human resources and computer-aided design – manage data using relational database systems that can be traced to his work.”

And that’s really not an overstatement. Mike Stonebraker’s work and research has been foundational to the multi-billion dollars per year business that is databases. He’s a legend, and we’re honored to have him join us.

We’re still talking through exactly what Mike will be speaking about, but I have no doubt it’ll be amazing. And if you’re keeping track at home, that now means that Gluecon will open with two giant talks about data models: Eric Brewer (of CAP theorem fame) on “wide area data management,” followed by Mike Stonebraker.

I think it’s an ideal starting point before we delve into cloud platform providers, integration in the cloud, NoSQL examples, Identity protocols (SAML, OAuth, etc) and the rest of the awesomesauce that is Gluecon Day 1.

Take advantage of that early bird pricing, and register now.