Somewhere in this timeframe is where conference organizers start doing email blasts, blog posts and tweets that include the words, “last chance.” As in, “last chance to come this year’s greatest event for developers in the cloud.” It’s important that when using the words, “last chance,” you also include a proper dose of hyperbole.

Of course, it’s not actually your “last chance.” You can register for Glue all week, or even walk in on the day of the show and register. Then again, if you’re coming from anywhere other than Colorado, you probably wanna put a little forethought into coming – and since we’re 9 days out – this is, practically speaking, getting pretty close to “last chance.”

In either case, Gluecon is fast approaching. We’re heads-down making sure that every detail is handled. If you’re on the fence about coming or not, I hope you’ll choose to come. The speakers are gonna rock it. The people are gonna be one hell of an interesting bunch. And the vibe is going to be unlike any other tech conference out there.

Last chance. 😉