Hackathons and Cloud Camps

By February 22, 2010Uncategorized

I received a note yesterday asking about the differences between the Hackathon that we’re having at Gluecon and the Cloud Camp we’re having in conjunction with Gluecon. In my book, clarity is a lifesaver, so I thought I’d be overly clear about this one.

The Cloud Camp at Gluecon is taking place on May 25th from 4-8pm on the same site as Gluecon. In fact, if you come to Cloud Camp, you will see us setting up (i.e., booths, banners, etc) for Gluecon. You DO NOT have to be registered for Gluecon to attend Cloud Camp (although, boy, that sure would make me happy), but you do need to register for Cloud Camp (it’s free, but limited seating — only 113 tix remain as of this writing). The flip side is also true: registering for Cloud Camp does not get you into Gluecon — that’s a separate registration (and, ideally, you’ll choose to do both, as they offer very different things/benefits).

The evening of May 26th (post-evening reception) at Gluecon, we’ll be having a Hackathon. You must be a Gluecon attendee to attend the hackathon – and it’s important to note that the hackathon and Cloud Camp are *very* different things. Cloud Camp is an unconference (with a semi-structured outline) that focuses on talking about cloud-related issues. The hackathon at gluecon begins at a set time, and goes however long it goes (all night?) with a clear focus on collaborative programming and building whatever it is that people want to build.

I hope that helps.

Bottom-line: you’d be foolish not to attend BOTH Cloud Camp and Gluecon. And in doing so, you’ll open yourself up to a whole range of geeky possibilities.

[sidenote: “louie1” still takes 10% off of the gluecon registration — don’t delay, as I may end that at any time for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than my whims. ;-)]