Gnip – a great early example of G-lue

By September 12, 2008web services glue

We’re ramping things up around here — revamping the website, beginning to recruit some sponsors, and just generally turning up the heat.

In the meantime, I thought it would be good to start highlighting some “Glue” companies. My feeling is that folks are going to be bombarded by “cloud” or “SaaS” or something conferences in the next year – none of which will properly hook into the Glue aspect that is crucial to it all. As such, I wanted to starting getting a flavor of what we mean when we say “glue” (from so many different angles).

Accordingly, here’s a great ten minute video interview with Eric Marcoullier of Gnip (pronounced, Gah-nip) – it’s a great early example of Glue (gah-lue – sorry, couldn’t help myself) stuff.