Glue’s pre-conference dinners

By March 11, 2009glue conference

One of highlights of last year’s Defrag conference was the “pre-conference dinner” that Microsoft put on. Basically, the night before Defrag started, Microsoft took 25 people out for a meal to discuss the topic of “next generation email.” By all accounts, it was a great, intimate way to get to know some of your conference mates *prior* to “starting” the conference.

It worked so well that we’re doing 4 pre-conference dinners for Glue. We’re still ironing out exactly what the topics will be, but you can get a sense of that via the sponsors of the dinners: Gist, Microsoft Startup Zone, TripleTree, and Freepository.  The format is simple — dinner and conversation with like-minded folks (though I am, admittedly, pushing 1 of the sponsors to go for some pre-conference bowling).

One of the things we try to do with both Glue and Defrag is to facilitate really intimate and in-depth conversations. Forget the passing five minutes in an expo hall (with the din of voices echoing off of the cement floor); let’s dig in and really talk about something of importance.

You’re probably wondering how you can get into this kind of setting, right? Easy: 1) register for Glue and then 2) wait for the email we’ll send out prior to the event asking you which dinner you’d like to attend. Please note: we do limit each dinner to 25 people, so you’ll want to watch things carefully (last year’s Defrag dinner “sold out” faster than a Hannah Montana concert). That said, if you’re already registered, and you think you know which dinner you’ll roughly be interested in, just drop me a note.

Either way, make sure that you register and take advantage of the ability to foster real relationships via in-depth conversations.