Gluecon’s coming (and discounts are ending)

We’re 8 days from Glue – which, when I stop and think about it, is kind of amazing. “They” threw the worst economy in 50 years at us, and it didn’t stop us. They threw some odd flu at us, and that didn’t stop us. So, what happens in 8 days? We’ll be gathering an amazing group of people together in Denver, Colorado — outside of the Valley, outside of mainstream expectations, and SQUARE in the middle of real innovation.

If you’re not planning to join us, well – I dunno what to say.

If you are planning to join us, TAKE NOTE: discounts are ending this Friday. If you’ve got a discount code, you’d better use it (and quick) — because if you show up on site to register, you’ll be paying $200 more than you will on this Friday (no exceptions). You might wonder why that is – it’s really quite simple: our planning costs go up after a certain date (and that date is Friday).

So, get in gear, use a discount code (“en1”), take $100 off of the current price and REGISTER NOW.

See you at Glue! 😉