One of the highlights of last year’s Gluecon was Adrian Cockcroft’s 4 hour workshop. Unfortunately, our planning was a bit overwhelmed. I had placed Adrian in a room that sat about 15 people, thinking “hey, it’s a 4 hour workshop – most people will opt for the breakout sessions.” Yea, big mistake. When the room hit about 50 people (and complete standing room only), with people in the hallway, leaning in to hear Adrian, I knew we were on to something.

So, this year, workshops — with a bonus of more space!

The three workshops we have this year cover Netflix’s OSS architecture, Salesforce’s identity platform, and Real-time Analytics. If you’re looking for the “deep dive,” at this year’s Gluecon, this is it. DEEP.

Some descriptions:

Diving Deep into the Salesforce Identity Platform

  • Cloud Identity Basics: Where’s my account? Where are my services? Where’s my app?
  • Identity within the Salesforce Platform: the thread connecting apps, the platform, portal, Chatter
  • Integrating with the Enterprise: single sign-on from Active Directory/Ping Identity etc to Salesforce
  • Please Sir, May I Have an Account: provisioning – moving from proprietary APIs to the SCIM standard
  • Reaching out across the clouds: single sign-on to/from other cloud providers via SAML and OpenID Connect
  • It’s the Apps, Stupid: connecting web applications, mobile applications, canvas apps to the platform
  • The Sky’s the Limit: a peek into cmort’s backlog – what’s coming in the Summer ’13 (June) and Winter ’13 (October) releases


NetflixOSS – A Cloud Native Architecture 

Starting in 2009, Netflix built out a set of architectural patterns that are focused on future-proofing the scalability, availability and agility needs of the Netflix streaming video service as a “green field” application, optimized for running on the globally distributed public cloud supplied by AWS. As the architecture matured parts of it were released as open source projects, and now in 2013 they form a complete platform as a service (PaaS) offering known as NetflixOSS. The platform is built using Java, Scala, Groovy and Python. This cloud native architecture is notable for having every service (including storage) be ephemeral; it’s use of chaos engines to continuously disrupt services to promote antifragility; achieving high scalability and availability through fine grain stateless micro-services; backed by a storage tier that is triple replicated within a region, and supports global replication across regions.

From March to September 2013, Netflix is also sponsoring a Cloud Prize competition for open source contributions to NetflixOSS. Code and information can be found at Submissions by third parties include new features and services, as well as ports to other environments such as the Eucalyptus private cloud.

The tutorial will cover The motivations and economics of public cloud; The migration path from datacenter to cloud; Service and API Architectures; Storage architecture; Cloud based operations and tools; Example applications.

Real-time analytics: From zero to now

While real-time and Big Data may seem sound like separate practices, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. In this session, you’ll spin up your own cluster of MemSQL Community Edition in the cloud, load streaming real-time data into the database, and write complex SQL queries that generate immediate results. We will also show you how to easily connect to the latest business intelligence tools for visual insights and data warehouses and Hadoop for archival of stale data.

Join us!