Gluecon Topics

By February 10, 2015Uncategorized

As we round the corner into the second half of February, the Gluecon agenda is beginning to come together. ¬†You can see that we’re putting together some great sessions around devops, APIs, distributed systems, etc. And fleshing things out with talks like:

“How To Create Google-Like Infrastructure: From the OS to the Scheduler”

“Declarative Infrastructure with Cloud Foundry BOSH”

“Ansible Power Tricks from the Guy Who Wrote Ansible”

…but even with the things that we’re putting on the board, there are still areas where I’m looking for submissions. Things like: consul, swift, lambda, io.js, kafka, mesos, and bitcoin (specifically, programming on the blockchain).

If you’ve got ideas in those areas, send them my way! (enorlin AT

And, we’ll see you gluecon.