Gluecon Session Descriptions

By April 4, 2011Uncategorized

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting (on a near daily basis) session descriptions for Gluecon. You’ll also see the next three weeks lead up to a final version of the agenda itself. These two things point to one, unavoidable fact: Gluecon is coming, and you should make sure that you’re making plans to be there.

On April 18th, early bird pricing expires, and right now, airlines all over the country are offering cheap flights into Denver. As a bonus, Southwest is even offering flights with both wi-fi AND sunroofs on the planes. 😉

As a beginning, I’ll turn to James Urquhart’s session, “Cloud and the Future of Networked Systems”:

Today’s public and private cloud environments are changing the way software developers and IT administrators create, deploy and manage distributed applications. As the sophistication of software systems inevitably increases, the network will play an increasing role in how we architect and operate those systems.
Find out how the future of dynamic and intelligent network infrastructure will impact the security, performance, reliability and flexibility of cloud computing environments, and support a range of network payloads from simple data access to interactive video, the “Internet of Things”, and computing as a utility.

Core concepts covered in this session include:

  • Cloud as an operations model
  • Cloud and networking today
  • Use cases for dynamic, intelligent networks
  • Network automation and the network container
  • Dynamic provisioning of network capabilities and services
  • Standards and Open Source driving the new cloud network

Join us!