Gluecon Early Bird Ending Soon

By March 29, 2013glue conference

If you’ve been watching the Gluecon twitter stream, you’ve seen me posting agenda updates there, announcing sponsors, and generally talking about the different things we have going on at the show. Of course, the biggest piece of that is the agenda.

I’ve still got some key topic holes to fill, and to all of you that have been emailing me with topics you’d like to see covered, thank you. I will say that, for whatever reason, I have more inbound contact from attendees this year (not sponsors pitching, or speaker proposals, but attendees) telling me what they’re coming to learn about, than in any other previous year. I think it goes hand in hand with the rise of the importance of the enterprise developer. Which is to say, that the enterprise developers from the big orgs that are coming are being very purposeful in reaching out about what they want to see. All of which adds up to the fact that the projects happening out there are REAL.

The next 4-6 weeks will see me finalize the agenda, and we’ll shift over into “logistics” mode — where our lives become consumed by menus and wifi and staging and and and. What you need to know about the agenda is this: my primary goal is to blow your mind with the technical depth of what we present. What you need to know about logistics is this: we’re a “mom and pop” operation (my wife, Kim, handles the logistical side), and, as a result, you’re going to get hands-on attention (and the best conference wifi you’ve EVER experienced).

All of this gluecon goodness can be yours for the low, low early bird price of $650. Okay, that was my “shamwow” voice — but the point stands. Your registration fee includes meals, open bars, all of the content, ice cream parlors, etc. In the scope of conference pricing, it’s a bargain (we price it as close to the bone as we can) — so PLEASE take advantage of it and join us.

Early bird pricing expires April 7th — so don’t delay.

I hope you to see you there.