I don’t mean to toot our own horn, but as I sort through the final details of the Gluecon agenda, I’m struck by the density of content. By that I mean, how much technical depth is packed side by side in session after session after session. If you start on morning 1, and start reading session titles, you’ll find that the intensity does not let up.

Let’s do just that for a bit.

After you come out of the morning keynotes (which will be *awesome*, by the way), you get presented with these six possible sessions choices (3 at 10:20 and 3 at 10:55):

“NoSQL smackdown 2012”

“We Don’t Need no Stinkin App Server! Building a Two-tier Mobile App”

“What’s Inside Your Cloud? IaaS Architecture and Implementation”

“The Badass Beyond Hadoop: Percolator, Dremmel, Pregel”

“Why MongoDB + Node.js is the new server-side stack”

“Asynchronous Architectures for Implementing Scalable Cloud Services”

So, in the first ~60 minutes of breakout content, you can go NoSQL, mobile apps, IaaS architecture, Node.js, Post-Hadoop, or Scalable Cloud Services. And it’s not even lunch yet. Oh, by the way, when you’re having lunch, stock up on protein and caffeine – cuz you’re gonna need it.

When you come out of lunch, you have another six possible choices (and a multitude of mix and match variables) for your afternoon. You can:

1. Go “Real-time” in a 3 hour and 45 minute track that addresses real-time hadoop, high-volume social data, Storm, webhooks and websockets, and building real-time apps.

2. Go “Big” (as in data) in a track that dives into the Network, multi-user apps platforms, achieving 100k transactions per second, efficient storage models for analysis, and incorporating big data analytics into an app.

3. Go “Mobile” with a track that looks at mobile libraries and API consumption, scaling mobile services, RESTful android client apps, geo-fencing, and performance architecture.

4. Spend nearly 4 hours digging into Netflix’s cloud architecture with THE cloud architect from Netflix (Adrian Cockcroft).

5. Spend nearly 4 hours building polyglot apps on CloudFoundry with the creator of CloudFoundry (Chris Richardson and Dave McCrory).

6. Spend nearly 4 hours breaking out the tools for DevOps in the world of PaaS with 3 architectural authorities on the subject (Adrian Cole, Alex Heneveld and Chris Custine).

These six alternatives are there for your choosing. You can, of course, mix and match the first 3, but we don’t recommend trying to do that with the last three (the workshops), as those are meant to be participated in from front to back (we’ll have more info on the workshop content in the coming week or so).

In short, it’s 4:45pm, and you’ve just felt your brain starting to leak out of your head via your ear. And the day’s not over.

After another round of awesome breakout alternatives, you head back into the keynote room to hear John Musser gives us his yearly (and hugely popular) “State of the API Market” talk, and close things out with the always-amazing Laura Merling on why big data is breaking the data plan.

Top all of this off with the evening reception, where you can interact with amazing non-bubilicious gluecon supporters, and explore the 12 demo pods (the young bucks!). And then, for the truly adventurous, journey into the Gluecon hackathon — where you’ll find APIs exposed and code repositories cracked wide open until the wee hours of the morning.

Like I said….dense.

Did I mention there’s still a whole second day left?

Join us.