Getting the worm

By February 24, 2009glue conference
[sidenote: Has it really been weeks since I’ve posted here? Apologies. Please remember that those of you that care can find me on Twitter — either @gluecon (the official twitter stream) or @defrag (which contains my random, non-sensical ramblings). ]

I was thinking this morning — when someone says something about “getting the worm,” my brain flashes back to one night of particularly bad decision-making with a friend in Georgia that included a bottle of mezcal and the quest for the insect at the bottom — however, for most people in the conference business, “getting the worm,” more likely triggers thoughts of “early bird pricing.”

This post, then, is not about mezcal, but rather about the early bird discount for Glue. Namely, that it’s set to expire on the 28th — after which the price will go from $395 to $495. Yeah, it’s only 100 bucks, and yea, that still makes Glue the best conference deal you’ll find this spring (check around) — but it’s still 100 bucks you can save, and so you should.

If you’re wondering why you should come, just have a look at the agenda. And, then remember that we’re not done yet. Register today folks; get the worm.