Fast and Furious: March Madness

By March 7, 2011Uncategorized

Did I mention the updates were going to come fast and furious? Yea, so just like we’re paying for the winner of the SXSW hackathon to come to Gluecon, we’re also going to bring the winner of the TechStars Startup Madness tourney to Gluecon. Check the page out, and then nominate and tweet for your favorite small startup. If they can survive the head-to-head competition with 63 other startups, they’re coming to Gluecon (hotel, airfare, and full conference pass — plus getting 25k in other prizes).

All of these startup competition/hackathon/giveaways play into the Alcatel-Lucent demo pod pavilion that we have at Gluecon. What are those you ask? Go read this. And then apply.

The idea behind Gluecon is really pretty simple: if you’re a developer (at a startup, independent, enterprise, whatever) working with APIs and in the Cloud, then Glue is the event for you. So, get involved — start hacking, nominate yourself to win, apply for a demo pod — just GET TO GLUE. Trust me, everyone else will be there. 😉