Eric Brewer to open Gluecon

By March 9, 2010Uncategorized

I’ve been working on getting this to happen (and a BIG thanks to Justin Sheehy at Basho for his help) for a while now, so I’m overjoyed to be able to announce that Professor Eric Brewer will be delivering the opening keynote at Gluecon. In typical Gluecon fashion, we’re not settling for your standard “cloud computing” keynoter (i.e., a large vendor telling you about how wonderful their large vendor-ness stuff will be). Nope, we’re going deep.

In fact, as I dug into what the “glue space” was all about, I was always looking for that person(s) who really spearheaded the thought in the space. And then I found this post by Julian Browne. In it, Julian compares Professor Brewer’s July 2000 talk on the “Principles of Distributed Computing” to the first show the Sex Pistols ever played (which was the defining moment for punk rock). A little further digging around Brewer’s CAP Theorem (and its relationship to NoSQL), and his time co-founding Inktomi, and I was sold. This was my guy. The guy that saw the “cloud” vision a decade ago. The guy that inspired an entire wave of distributed computing. A guy that probably still hasn’t received nearly the credit that’s due to him. So, yes, I’m overjoyed to have him bring his unique perspective to Gluecon. Professor Brewer has asked me not to post a title for the session yet, but early indications are that it will be focused on “wide-area data management.”

Of course, combine that with Doug Crockford (creator of JSON) being on-stage right after him, and well….let’s just say we’re gonna blow things outta the water.

I hope you’ll make the choice to not miss this truly special event.