Early speakers confirmed

By January 4, 2010Uncategorized

Here we are in early 2010, and I realized that I’ve been sending some tweets around speakers we’re confirming for Gluecon, but seeing as how you might not be obsessively following my twitter stream, I thought I’d better post something here as well. [sidenote: the “official” gluecon twitter stream is here; the “ramblings of a madman (namely, me)” stream is here.]

So, the earliest of early confirmed speakers include:

Doug Crockford – Doug’s the creator of JSON, a prime mover in the world of JavaScript and a Senior JavaScript Architect at Yahoo!

Ryan Sarver – Ryan is the Director of Platform/API stuff at Twitter. They’ve been making a lot of noise in this area lately, and Ryan’s coming to Gluecon to talk about where they’re headed, and hang out with the great Glue community.

Jonathan Ellis – Jonathan’s working on Cassandra at Rackspace. If you’re not up on Cassandra yet, fear not – there’s a big bad world full of NoSQL innovation going on, and we’re bringing the key players to Gluecon. To that end…

Emil Eifrem – Emil is the CEO over at Neo Technology and the driving force behind the Neo4J project. This whole area of non-relational databases that are built to handle data at internet-scale (ie, networked information) is *massive*.  I’m also working on getting folks from CouchDB and MongoDB confirmed as well.

That’s the early early stuff. Topically, past posts lay out a lot of where I’m looking, and this list of confirmed speakers will grow pretty quickly over the next 45 days. Stay tuned, Gluecon’s gonna blow people’s minds this spring.