Do Not Regret Your Decision – Come to Gluecon

There are 13 days to Gluecon, and if you’re still on the fence, this post is for you.

Let’s start with what past attendees say about Gluecon:

“In terms of value for the dollar, I have not been to a comparable conference.”

“Glue rocked. A focused event with a focused audience makes for a very interactive and informative event.”

“GlueCon was not only worth my time and money, it was the most informative and beneficial conference of the year.”

“Glue is a case study of what a conference is supposed to be.”

Next, let’s take a look at the agenda. Let’s say you’re a rockstar engineer, I’d be willing to bet you can still find a session in every breakout that will push your thinking, teach you new topics, or dive deeper into tools and technologies you already understand. Hey, worst case, you go spend FOUR HOURS with the cloud architect for Netflix learning how he built their architecture, then grab some keynotes, and then spend all of day two reveling in more geek goodness. All hyperbole aside: I’d challenge you to find ANY conference that combines this much technical content around the topics of big data, mobile, cloud and APIs, in an atmosphere that’s exactly the right size for awesome interaction.

Now, if the agenda still isn’t enough, let’s add in CloudCamp and the CloudCamp workshops, the day before Gluecon begins (May 22nd). Learn how to build an app on twilio, then pitch your session at the unconference, then head to The Tap Room for a few micro-brews on Alcatel-Lucent. (*burp*)

Still not convinced? Ok, our wifi is LEGENDARY. You know how you’re always going to tech conferences that have crappy wifi? Come to Gluecon and see wifi done right. What about power? Yep, we’ve got you covered there too.

“Yea,” you say, “that all sounds great, but I want to build something.” That’s what the Gluecon hacakthon is for! When you register, you’ll answer “yes” to attending the hackathon and then receive an email pre-show with instructions for the hackathon meetup the evening of the 22nd, code repositories and documentation, helpful ideas for possible hacks — everything you’ll need to get your brain turning. Once you’re on-site you can hack anything from management APIs to social data to robotic balls (yes, ROBOTIC BALLS) and submit your entry for judging. And if you win? Prizes galore.

Trust me, by Friday, you’re going to be completely satisfied. So, if you’re on the fence, pull the trigger – come learn, interact, teach, hack, socialize, better your self, better your business, and contribute to the community. Join us – you will NOT regret it.