Brad’s got a blog post up entitled, “Email Is Still The Best Login” — and after reading it, I wanted to add to the discussion (and, oddly enough, promote Gluecon — shocker, i know). I was simply trying to point out that all of the webfinger, OAuth, WRAP, OAuth 2.0, Activity Stream stuff that’s swirling around will be talked about at Gluecon (by folks like Brad Fitzpatrick, Dick Hardt, Chris Messina, David Recordon, Monica Keller, etc). I posted something equivalent to ” authentication via twitter is equal to OAuth,” but I used the “equal” symbol. Well, apparently that throws the latest version of Safari into a tizzy — because my browser started throwing up this:

For the record, Firefox and Chrome were fine. Anyway, a quick joke with Brad about how I almost screwed around and accidentally wrote some code (a true feat, I assure you), and we got things back up and running.

The point of all of this? Gluecon’s early bird is ending — so register! 😉