Collapsing Windows that get glued together

By April 11, 2008OS glue

There’s an interesting article out today detailing how two Gartner analysts believe that windows is “collapsing” – both under the weight of its own legacy code, but also (and more importantly) because people are increasingly using “OS-agnostic applications.” One account of the Gartner presentation says that the analysts believe that all OS applications have moved on to the web by 2011.

 We, of course, wouldn’t argue the point. The truth is that the browser is the new desktop, and the web is the new PC (heck, that’s not even new – that’s been true for years). The problem now is that existing vendors like Microsoft will have to adjust to what that radical change means. But even more so, new opportunities arrive in how it is that we can begin to integrate all of these “OS-agnostic applications.” And, by the way, having Google host all of those OS apps is *not* the answer.

 The collapse of “windows” leads to a lot of broken stuff that we have to glue back together.