Cloud, The Netflix Way

This year’s Gluecon features three, deep-dive workshops. The workshops are meant to be experienced from beginning to end, as authorities in their respective spaces take you down the rabbit hole (so that you can see just how deep it goes). The following is a workshop description from Adrian Cockroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix, for his workshop, “Constructing Cloud Architecture the Netflix Way”:


Dispensing with the usual questions: “Why Netflix, why cloud, why AWS?” as they are old hat now. This is the debut at Gluecon of a new slide deck by Adrian that takes a different approach, this tutorial explains how developers use the Netflix cloud, and how it is built and operated.

The real meat of the tutorial comes when we look at how to construct an application with a host of important properties: elastic, dynamic, scalable, agile, fast, cheap, robust, durable, observable, secure. Over the last three years Netflix has figured out cloud based solutions with these properties, deployed them globally at large scale and refined them into a global Java oriented Platform as a Service. The PaaS is based on low cost open source building blocks such as Apache Tomcat, Apache Cassandra, and Memcached. Components of this platform are in the process of being open-sourced by Netflix, so that other companies can get a start on building their own customized PaaS that leverages advanced features of AWS and supports rapid agile development.

The architecture is described in terms of anti-patterns – things to avoid in the datacenter to cloud transition. A scalable global persistence tier based on Cassandra provides a highly available and durable under-pinning. Lessons learned will cover solutions to common problems, availability and robustness, observability. Attendees should leave the tutorial with a clear understanding of what is different about the Netflix cloud architecture, how it empowers and supports developers, and a set of flexible and scalable open source building blocks that can be used to construct their own cloud platform.


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